TV Standards 2202: ANTM

Hello, students! We hope you enjoyed your extremely prolonged winter break. But it’s spring semester, and you should know what that means.

In today’s extended lecture, we cover the television phenomenon that was, and is, America’s Next Top Model. Our focus is on its defining cycles (1-7). We spend extra time on the undefinable Ms. Tyra Banks, and the epic Ms. Janice Dickinson. We spend very little time on noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker.

Pull out your notebooks. Get ready to cheat on your boyfriends on national television. Remember: we were all rooting for you. Find your reading list here.


TW: This episode involves discussions involving eating disorders.

Ball, Gala, or Conspiracy? The Met Gala in the Wintour Years

Fashion: lay it on us. On this week’s episode of Pop University, we school you on the Anna Wintour era of the Met Gala. We remember the triumphs and tragedies of fashionistas past, and relish in the inane drama of the present. Several guest lecturers grace this episode, including Hiddlestoner Kelly, comedienne Carlie Craig, and a fashion expert who is not Rachel Zoe.

We also discuss Demi Lovato in LA dive bars, the ethics of being Elon Musk, and why everyone should follow Kenny G on Instagram.

This presentation will guide you through our magical haute journey.