Comparative Socialite Studies: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bro Posses, and the Conquest of P*ssy

In this week’s lecture, the professors examine an under-studied phenomenon: the rise of the male socialite. We unpack the events surrounding the Pussy Posse and its most notable member: Leonardo DiCaprio. Please note that headphones and a vape pen are required for this episode, as is a general disregard for women.

Discussion Section: The Destruction of Brotherhood and the Resurrection of the Posse

In this week’s inaugural discussion section, we examine current events. These include the Drake Bell & Josh Peck feud, hygiene (featuring Bella Thorne and Scott Disick), Insta-stardom with an unwilling Hailey Baldwin, the Pussy Posse, and exclusive stories about Amanda Bynes and Miles Teller.

We also discuss why girls should shave their faces, and that guy who can’t spell in text messages.